Starr & Company


At Starr & Company, we specialize in helping national organizations connect with their small business clients, prospects or members.

In the current COVID-19 era, we do this by helping our clients develop, manage and deliver online experiences that achieve measurable results. 

Some of the organizations we work with are trying to transition from in-person experiences to online ones.


Others have existing webinar teams who need new ways to connect with people who are rapidly becoming exhausted by yet another virtual presentation.

In either case, our proprietary content development and presentation execution systems deliver quantifiable results.


And when you're ready to create in-person or hybrid experiences, we'll be ready for you, too.

Our engagement rate for virtual training events is 230% greater than typical webinars.*


Whether your virtual event program is new or ongoing, an impartial assessment can lead toward improved results. The teams that created and are running your online events are unlikely to have the clarity to evaluate their own work. 


With almost 20 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of educational / sales events delivered, we have the know-how to assess your current program, discover missed opportunities, and help your team achieve the results you require.


Lead Delivery

When you need qualified and engaged SMB leads, we deliver.  We don’t hand over stale lists of contacts. We create demand for your products and services and connect you with prospects who are ready to talk to you.


By leveraging our team of experienced presenters, your acquisition time and cost will be reduced and average revenue per user will be increased.  A constant stream of engaged leads will motivate your sales team.

Brand Advocacy

Want to get your brand in front of small businesses in a way that’s unlike any paid advertising or social media?  We can do that.  Want to truly educate small business professionals about all the ways your brand can help them?  We can do that for you, too.  Want to drive attention to a particular product or service?  No problem, we’ll take care of it. We can tap into our vast network to get the attention you want.


Small businesses (and the groups that help them) trust us. When we advocate for you, they’ll trust you, too.  


You have your customer data, but that doesn’t tell you what’s on your prospects’ minds.  Our unique SMB experiences tie together information sharing with information gathering.


The result is the qualitative and quantitative data you need to move forward toward your goals.

* Engagement metrics from 2020 webinars delivered using the GoToWebinar platform, compared to typical GoToWebinar customer results.