Win the hearts and minds of your attendees.

Book Pamela Starr for your next event and your attendees will thank you!

It’s time…time to plan your next conference.  Last year’s meeting was great!  What are you going to do this year?  It has to be different, fresher, even more meaningful

And your attendees?  After the conference is over, you want them to produce even better results.


If your attendees need to generate sales from SMBs, I can help.  ​

As your keynote speaker, I give your audience more than just inspiration.  I teach your attendees the best ways to approach, woo and win the hearts (and dollars) of this lucrative market.  I give them real-life examples of what small business owners really want.  Often it is different than what your attendees think.

How am I qualified to be your keynote speaker?  My entire career has been devoted to working for larger organizations that generated revenues from smaller ones (small business customers, franchisees, independent sales reps.)

I have delivered more than 1,100 face-to-face training sessions and keynote presentations.  I have presented to organizations as diverse as the US Marshals Service and Putt-Putt franchise owners.  I have motivated groups of hyper-analytical actuaries as well as more than 4,000 hyper-enthusiastic Tupperware consultants.  And for nearly a decade, including the tumultuous era of the Great Recession that crushed many companies, I was a business owner, too.    

I know small business.

After your event is over, how will you judge its success?  If you booked me, I’ll have fueled your audience with the inspiration and the information they need to make a change.  A lasting change that gets measurable results.  For them and for your organization.

Presentation topics include:


  • Winning the Hearts and Minds of your Small Business Customer 

  • Winning the Hearts and Minds of your Value Added Reseller

  • Beyond Loyalty:  Turning Customers into your Marketing Machine

  • Digital Marketing Communication Strategies

For more information about how I can help you drive success at your event, contact me today.


Want more information about my presentation style?  Take a look at the testimonials below.

SBW 2011
SBW PS 2012
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PS SBW 2012
Pamela at WSS
DEC Conference
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Audience SBW 2012

You did a fantastic job today.  Usually I jump in because I feel like I have something to add that was not covered completely.  You did such a good job, I just did not see a jump in opportunity.   You hit that perfect balance between expertise and approachability.  Just great to watch!  

~Gail Goodman, Former CEO, Constant Contact

I want to thank you, again, for the outstanding presentation you gave last Friday at our Regional Meeting!  The immediate feedback was tremendous, and I am receiving e-mails from the participants with accolades on the quality of information provided.

~ Randy Horshock

On behalf of the Business Development Team we want to thank you for your presentation yesterday.  It was informative, filled with tips that the attendees were able to being using immediately and yet you brought levity and a sparkle as well.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for your return visits and as the survey totals will show the members can’t either.

~ Chris Eckert


Once again, many thanks for your excellent presentation today.  As I said previously, you are a very accomplished speaker.  I enjoyed the way you handled an inquisitive group.  In fact, I believe you have satisfied their curiosity -- at least for a while -- and provided them with much information to think about.

~ David Taylor

Really enjoyed your seminar.  Thought it to be to the point, easy to understand, and most importantly, opened my eyes to new marketing ideas.  I understand now how they all can work together. 

~ Peter Fischer


I would like to thank you on your presentation. Very professional, and to the point. Dealing with the Department of Defense, and other government agencies, that we are affiliated with, we are limited to giving out references and certain information to the public on what we do and who we deal with.  However, you were able to give us new ideas on how to go beyond our website, and give us the opportunity to look at reaching future clients in a formal, yet fashionable form. Thank you for your presentation, and I wish you the best in your future ventures.

 ~ Joe Pemberton 


 Thank you so much for the very informative seminar yesterday.  After the seminar shared your info with my manager at lunch.  I am very excited about the new info I left from the seminar.  We currently have a Facebook account and it is a very effective tool for our business.  Now it will be better!  Thanks again for a wonderful seminar,

~ Rebecca Wiler


 I attended your seminar yesterday and can honestly say I enjoyed it very much. Your knowledge shone through in your content and professionalism. I learned so much more than I went in there expecting. Yesterday's session was invaluable.

~ Elizabeth Leh


 Thanks again for the seminar – it was great, very informative, answered a lot of my questions, plus you are wonderful at what you do!  Very professional, interesting and smart!  Thanks again.

 ~ MaryJo McCann


 I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your presentations.  I've been putting all the tips I learned from you, as well as a few online webinars I've attended and produced my best e-newsletter yet.  Not only was I super proud of it, but it was reflected in my open rate and my click rate, which was my highest ever at 32% so far -- previous to that my click rate was at about 4-5%. So THANK YOU!

 ~ Patti Marshall

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the AWESOME presentation.  It was truly very informative and absolutely jam-packed with great content.  Thank you for making it available and also for making it so very interesting.

~ Joanna Strout


Just wanted to let you know you did an excellent job today at the seminar. Not only was it worth my time, but you are so quick on your feet with fielding questions that I felt the time flew by even though you were working against a slowwwww internet response.   You are the best!

~ Nancy Spitters