How to get more clients


If you are a professional who helps small business, you know how important it is for people to know you, like you and trust you.


Sure, plenty of people already know what you do.   But how do you get more people…people who are strangers today…to get to know you, like you and trust you, so tomorrow, they pay you to help them?

One of the best ways to get new clients is by delivering educational workshops and seminars.  

But you know that. You may have even tried that.  Done right, educational workshops and seminars will result in more clients than you can handle.  

Done wrong, and they are just a waste of your time and money: You struggle to find a place to hold your seminar.  People don't show up, or the ones that do are just there to pick your brain but will never pay you for your services.  You spend a lot of money and get zero results.  Done wrong, they can be a disaster.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Since 2003, I have delivered educational workshops and seminars to businesses big and small.  Today, I'm a professional trainer for Google's Get Your Business Online program.  I travel around the country teaching people about ways they can grow and thrive. 

Pamela Starr Google Speaker

I've organized, hosted or spoken at more than 1,100 educational workshops and keynote presentations.  Yep, that's a lot, but I've been doing it for a long time.  

The most important part of your seminar is getting in front of the right people…people who are your ideal new client.  You may already have a list of prospects. That is a great place to start.  But you want to get in front of strangers.  You want to get in front of people who you haven't met.

Here's the secret to that.  Work with an organization that is already connected to your ideal new client.  That organization can promote your event to their members and fill the room with people who are great potential new clients for you.

And, the partner organization may actually have a room that you can use to hold your event.  Out of the 1,000+ seminars I've held, the vast majority of the rooms were completely free to me.

What type of organization might want to work with you?

If you provide professional services to businesses (B2B), you are in luck.  I have a list of 1,000+ organizations that provide education to businesses big and small.  This list covers all 50 US states and I'm happy to share it with you.

Approaching partner organizations

When you approach an organization on this list, keep in mind that they will be protective of their connections.  They don't want anyone giving a sales-pitch to their members.  So before you contact the people on the list, think about what educational value you can offer to their members.  In fact, start the conversation by assuring the organization that you aren't there to sell.  You are there to educate.

You know (and the contacts at the organization know, too) that if you do a good job educating people, they will learn to know you, like you and trust you. That how you get the new clients you need to grow your business.